About Me

Hi, I'm Dave, I photographed my first Wedding in 1982, aged 20 (yes I'm now in my 50s).

Both me and my photographic equipment have kept pace with technology, and with the latest trends towards reportage style (more 'as it happens', less formally contrived). I can assure you that I am bang on trend with todays style of photography. I use top end Canon professional digital SLRs now, which are wondefully light to someone who started with huge medium format TLRs and a tripod.

What I have never lost though, is the desire to always try to improve, and to consider every factor on every photograph. My early days taught me how to use cameras which didn't have automatic focus, or even automatic exposure. Every picture had to be right, and you couldn't check it on a screen immediately afterwards. I do sometimes sneak a look these days, but I KNOW they're right when I press the shutter.

More importantly, I've seen most things that can happen on a Wedding day, from the bride being an hour late (Chauffeur double booked) to the groom turning up on crutches after the night before went badly. I've also worked through rain, hail, wind and fog, and even snow at a May Wedding when everyone was dressed for a heatwave. My experience means I never get flustered on the Day, and you can rely on me to get you those outstanding photographs.

Technology can make everyone seem to be an expert on a good day, but experience and adaptability are what makes the difference on all the other days. Remember, you can't control every factor on the day, and you don't want to even think about restaging your whole wedding just because the photographer messed up.

For me, the major change in technology hasn't been the cameras, but the ease with which digital files can be copied and shared, where negatives were always one-offs. I now always provide digital copies of the images (on CD/DVD/USB according to size). This means you can email them to friends and relatives across the world, and they can print them locally. It also means you aren't tied to me for albums or reprints, and can get them done whenever and wherever you wish. I do include photo books and framed prints with most packages, which should cover your own needs, plus maybe a gift for parents. I suggest you avoid getting drawn into the admin of arranging prints for everyone else, and just give them electronic copies of the files instead (it's a lot easier).